Ka-Tet Theatre Company produces ensemble driven theatre focusing on a strong collaboration and cohesion between actors, directors and designers. The name of the company, Ka-Tet, means a group of people brought together by ka, or fate, to achieve a common goal. We believe that theatre is a collective experience, that theatre should be visceral; felt first and intellectualized later. We know that experience is only possible when there is an honest connective link, a symbiosis of audience and artist. We welcome each audience to bring their own unique collective experiences and energies to form, every performance, our Ka-Tet.

Since 2009, Ka-Tet has proven to be a dynamic and talented new Chicago store-front theatre, producing five critically acclaimed and challenging full-length productions in just 3 years. Our keen vision, willingness to take risks, and insistence on quality of work provides us a unique connection with our audience, and we consistently endeavor to provide Chicago audiences with a theatrical experience that will envelop, transform, and entertain them.

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