Claire’s Dirty Laundry

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I’m currently playing Claire in Ka-Tet’s production of Fuddy Meers.  Claire has the unique experience of waking up every morning as a blank slate.  She has a form of psychogenic amnesia, and from the moment she lifts her head from the pillow, she’s counting on her helpful compadres to give her the answers:  who is she, where she is, and what is happening!?  Yes, Claire is depending on all of the pleasant and honorable characters of Fuddy Meers to steer her in the right direction. No problem.  Good thing each of the characters in Fuddy Meers is dependable, selfless, responsible, and has exemplary communication skills, right!?  Wrong.  These eccentrics have secrets and skeletons in their closets.  Some are even willing to rewrite her past in order to influence her future.  And as they lead her on the most terrifying goose-chase of Claire’s life (not that she would know), she discovers that her cloudy memories are finally catching up with her.  Getting the truth from these people is like pulling teeth, and when it does surface, it isn’t always pretty.

This play is a mysterious adventure through some kind of crude Wonderland.  It’s Toad’s Wild Ride on a road full of tacks.  Fuddy Meers airs the dirty laundry deep-down in the bottom of your hamper that you forgot you even owned, and no one is immune.  It is a mess, but as it all unravels, Claire is one step closer to taking ownership of her story; no matter how outrageous it may be.  So far, it’s been a wonderful challenge to uncover each dirty secret, every crazy tick, and to just go with it.


By Kathryn Bartholomew
Artistic Producer, Ka-Tet Theatre
Playing Claire in Fuddy Meers

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